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This feature documentary tells the story of Rosemary Metrailer and her firm's landmark class action lawsuit against the U.S Airforce for sex discrimination.



"A Greenhouse"

Francisco Coutinho

A middle-aged mother grapples with her sexuality and the boundaries of an unconventional marriage. Winner of the April 2020 Indie Short Fest, 2020 DOC LA storytella.



Francisco Coutinho

After winning a trip to Malibu, a widowed man learns about swimming and dealing with loss. The score has two inter-related themes: "Learning to Swim" (2:00) and "At Sea" (3:36). Premiered at the Corti in Cortile Film Festival.


Sining Xiang

Based on the true story of a group of "Parachute Kids" (Chinese high schoolers who came to the U.S. to live and study) and their devolution into violence. The primary cue begins at 17:15.

"Waiting List"

Shearwater Films

"Over 120,000 Americans wait on the ever-growing organ transplant list for a chance at a normal life. Tim McCabe is one of them. This is his story." Atlantic Magazine Editors' Pick. 

"For the Birds"

Ralph Eggleston

A short animated film about a clique of birds on a telephone wire. This re-score is a nod to the works of Scott Bradley and Edward H. Plumb for MGM Studios.

"Play The Fool"

Daniel Martinez

A young actor's desperate search for love and credits. Episodes 1 and 2 of an upcoming web series. Official selection to the Los Angeles Film Awards, The Indiefest Film Awards, and winner of the "Best Short" at the Online Film Festival. 

"Nose Man's Land"

Rachel Sigal

A short animated film about a young boy's quest to reclaim what's rightfully his (animation in progress).


Lucas Helth Postma

A short film exploring the tumultuous relationship between a young transgender boy and his mother. The score centers around two piano themes: “A New Tie,” (00:16) and “The Act” (02:18).

"Dead Space"
Sining Xiang

A computer hardware engineer is going through the motions of life dead inside-and out. A satirical zombie flick in the vein of Shaun of the Dead.

"Getting There"

Krystle Drew

Two friends prepare for a great night- if only they can make it to their destination. A comedy in the vein of Broad City. Password: gettingthereUSC


Brandon Wilson

An excerpt from Brandon Wilson's directorial debut, "Revenge," a taut, dark, police procedural. The score is primarily atmostpheric with tones and themes largely depicted through timbre.

"Sam's Death"


A re-scoring of this poignant scene from the TV series Supernatural. 

Legends of Courage Series

"Dennis Manger on the LGBT acronym"

Former California Assemblyman, Dennis Mangers discusses intolerance within the LGBT community. A clip from the upcoming documentary, Legends of Courage.

"Linda Birner on the birth of Mom Guess What?"

Linda Birner, editor of "Mom Guess What?" discussed the formation of the first LGBT newspaper in the Sacramento region. A clip from the upcoming documentary, Legends of Courage.

"Tami Buscho on Social Labels"

Civil Rights Attorney, Tamil Buscho discusses the thorny nature of labels and their place in the LGBTQ community. A clip from the upcoming documentary, Legends of Courage.

"Laurie McBride on AIDS and Equality"

LGBT activist, Laurie McBride, discusses the ramifications of the AIDS epidemic on the queer community. A clip from the upcoming documentary, Legends of Courage.

"Tami Buscho on California's Prop. 8"

Civil Rights Attorney, Tamil Buscho recalls  the struggle to defeat California's Prop 8 and what Prop 8 passage meant for her. A clip from the upcoming documentary, Legends of Courage.

"Camille on the LGBT in Business"

Camille Wojtasiak shares her experiences as an out lesbian in the financial sector. A clip from the upcoming documentary, Legends of Courage.

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