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I am a composer for film, television,  and advertising. As a composer of incidental music, I am here to help you tell your narrative. I seek to truly understand each project I undertake, considering its tones, themes, emotional beats,  and characters, and build a sonic world that supports them.


My musical roots are as a pianist, guitarist, and vocalist. I graduated from Grinnell College, where I studied composition, orchestration, and electronic music. My recent projects include, "A Greenhouse", winner of the 2020 Indie Short Fest, "Waiting List," an Atlantic Magazine Editors' Pick, and the upcoming feature,"Legends of Courage", created by Emmy-Winning Documentarian, Dawn Deason. 


Take a listen to my albums "Queue the Cues,"  and  "Jingles All the Way," for a taste of some of the genres I write in.



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