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Keith J. Siegel

Cinematic Composer



Inspired by Olafur Arnolds and Max Richter.

An atmospheric and contemplative cue. Our protagonist is having an emotional realization.  

A reflective and uplifting post-rock theme inspired by the sounds of  This Will Destroy You and Explosions in the Sky

Foreboding and despairing. Our protagonist's world is caving in.  

Program executed. 

For a 19th-century period piece. Swift action is required. 

A poignant Celtic violin concerto. An Irishman longs for what he left behind. 

Deep in the heart of Appalachia. 

 A haunting and ominous title theme that descends into terror. Inspired by Javier Navarrete and Modest Mussorgsky. 

Light-hearted and a little mischievous. An embarrassing secret has gotten out. 

A fun, quirky, ode to an unlikely hero. 

A hero proves himself to the world.

A call to action.

For the next Wes Anderson film.

A prelude. Inspired by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross

A moment of loss. A moment of remembrance.

Refelecting in the final days.

Action meets EDM. An assassin stalks his target in a crowded nightclub.

An artisan, dedicated to her craft.

At peace, with nowhere to be.

A minimalist concerto inspired by John Adams and Steve Riech.

Upbeat and uplifting.  The inner child roars.

Dreamy and nostalgic. 

Somewhere in a distant land, commandos rush the stronghold. 

A kinetic opening credits  track.



   © All music copyrighted. Express consent of Keith J. Siegel is required for their use. 

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