Keith J. Siegel

Cinematic Composer


Keith J. Siegel Composer

I am a composer for film, television, advertising, and other media. As a composer of incidental music, I am here to help you tell your narrative. I seek to truly understand each project I undertake, considering its tones, themes, emotional beats,  and characters.


My musical roots are as a pianist, guitarist, and vocalist. I graduated from Grinnell College, where I studied composition, orchestration, and electronic music. My recent projects include "Waiting List," an Atlantic Magazine Editors' Pick, and the upcoming feature,"Legends of Courage", created by Emmy-Winning Documentarian, Dawn Deason. 


Take a listen to my albums "Queue the Cues,"  and  "Jingles All the Way," for a taste of some of the genres I write in.




The end of a journey. Inspired by the sounds of Max Richter and Olafur Arnalds.

 Genre: Drama

An atmostpheric and contemplative cue. Our protagonist is having an emotional realization. Genre: Indie Drama

A reflective and uplifting post rock theme inspired by the sounds of  This Will Destroy You and Explosions in the Sky. Genre: Drama/Sports Drama

Foreboding and despairing. Our protagonist's world is caving in.  

Genre: Drama

Program executed. 

Genre: Psychological Thriller

For a 19th century period piece. Swift action is required. Genre: Period Drama

A poignant celtic violin concerto. An Irishman longs for what he left behind. Genre: Period Drama

A piano prelude infused with the sounds of the 1920's. An old couple reminisces over happy times. Genre: Drama

Deep in the heart of Appalachia. Genre: Neo-Western

A haunting and ominous title theme that descends into terror. Inspired by Javier Navarrete and Modest Mussorgsky. Genre: Fantasy/Horror

Light-hearted and a little mischievous. An embarrassing secret has gotten out. Genre: Comedy/ Drama

A fun, quirky, ode to an unlikely hero. Genre: Comedy/ Family Adventure

A hero proves himself to the world.

Genre: Adventure

A call to action.

Genre: Adventure

An adventurous romp in the vein of Tchaikovsky, Mussorgsky, and John Williams.

Genre: Adventure

For the next Wes Anderson film.

Genre: Family Drama

A prelude. Inspired by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross

Genre:  Thriller

A moment of loss, a moment of remembrance.

 Genre: Drama

Tender, brittle and evolving. A minimalist theme of self-reflection inspired by Arvo Part. 

 Genre: Drama

Electronic Action Music meets Electronic Dance Music. An assasin stalks his target in a crowded nightclub.

Genre: Action

Somewhere in a distant land, commandos rush the stronghold. 

Genre: Action


An upbeat acoustic groove with a simple reassuring melody. 

A hard rocking 70's jam with an infectious riff.  

An  acoustic ditty with a little island flair.  

A mellow jazz opening for a radio program or podcast. 

A positive, energetic backing track to a company mission statement.

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